Things I've made

After more than 25 years of making and selling what I call "Toys in Miniature," I've had to acknowledge that I can't hope to keep good stocks of what I've made, and still find time to invent more things to make, and to continue with related interests like studying the literature of littleness.  So I will show pictures of what I have made, but not present them as a catalogue.

I hope that every now and again I will be able to present a group of items that are for sale.  This is likely to be around the times I sell at shows: April-May, and September-October.  Then it will be first-come, first-served.  I hope to keep most kits in fairly good supply..
Frances Armstrong: Toys in Miniature
If  you would like to get an e-mail note about these opportunities, please write to me.  And in spite of what I've just said, if there is something here that you simply must have, please feel free to contact me and see if I can fit it in.
The things I've made are arranged in groups: Toys, Bears, Dolls, Dollhouses , Roomboxes, and  Accessories, including furniture.  All these are understood to be in a size suitable for a child about four inches high, so that dolls are at most one and a half inches long.  Most items are in fact in 1/144 scale, suitable for a dollhouse owned by that four-in-high doll.

There are also sections on more unusual settings, like mouse houses, a museum, and Lostlingland.  And the pages of tips and projects will remain, with improvements as time allows.  The buttons below should lead you to these.