I'm preparing the next rooms in the 1/144 scale baby house..  For more pictures, click here.
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This site is for anyone who is intrigued by tiny things.  For many of us this has been a lifelong fascination.  I make tiny things, I puzzle about the meanings of littleness, and I'm always looking out for others who share this obsession--or who are willing to explore the miniature world with me.

Most of the miniatures I make are in 1/144 scale, but I think of that as 1/12 of 1/12 scale: miniatures within miniatures, dolls for dolls to play with.  They are usually smaller than they look on the screen--houses are about as high as an adult's finger, and people about the size of a fingernail.
I'm preparing the next rooms in the 1/144 scale baby house..  For more pictures, click here.

Actual size

The Lying-in room gave an opportunity for a new mother to show off both her baby and her family wealth.  You can hardly see the mother (in the middle behind the white sheets) and the baby's cradle has disappeared for the moment.  The visiting lady has also gone to get a new longer skirt.

The dark space near the left wall is the entrance to the rather primitive toilet.  On the right side a similar door leads to a linen cupboard.    
The complete house will have a bedroom, a reading room, a porcelain room, a silver room, a lying-in room, and a kitchen.  Two rooms have a closet with simple toilet facilities (in-house outhouses, you might say ) and the bedroom will have a chair commode.
I have been able to get a this lovely baby house made for me by Ontario craftsman Victor Gossman.    He is willing to make a few more, at a cost of approximately $180 Canadian.  (He may have changed his mind, and the postage would be extra.)  Victor does not have e-mail, but I will forward requests to him. 
These rooms will  NOT be available at the Ontario Gathering 2007, so please contact me for alternative workshop times and places . The rooms will be available as kits, but not yet.

May 15, 2010

Frances Armstrong passed away on January 16th, 2008.  This page is maintained for informational purposes only.  Her products are no longer available for ordering.  However, additional pictures and information will be posted here at a future date.