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Most of these houses are miniature versions of dollhouses--1/12 of 1/12 scale, rather than 1/144 scale models of human-sized houses.  But since 1/12 of 1/12 is the same thing as 1/144, it hardly matters. 
Many are based on actual dollhouses of the past.  Some are available  "as new," and some look more like what a really keen collector might rejoice to find in a dusty attic
They are made from scratch, not from kits, and I seldom make more than three of a kind.  Commissions to copy your own house or dollhouse are always welcome: for details, please e-mail me.
Toys in Miniature: Frances Armstrong
Miniature versions of dollhouses
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The two houses at the top are versions of "Highfield," one painted and the other made of different kinds of wood (not stained).  The big house below is also in the "natural wood" style.  The roombox on the left is a toy store. 
Miniature version of seaside cottage.  The 1/12 original is owned by a well-known British collector, with whose permission I made this miniature. Two rooms, finished, open back. $150.
This could be either the original or the restored version of the wreck to the left.  Based on a picture of an old dollhouse. Two inside rooms, finished.  $200 in this condition.
A treasure to many eyes: an old dollhouse in a pitiful state.  It could be restored without too much difficulty.  $100 in this condition.

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I could get the price down to $50 by leaving the house in a more derelict state ( which means with fewer window pieces in place, a poorer paint job, bare inside walls rather than worn wallpaper, and so on.)
Miniature version of a dollhouse, in "new" condition.  Finished inside (but not furnished).