Bear vignettes
These are indoor or outdoor scenes showing bears at work or at play.  They can be used as centre- pieces in 1/12 scale scenes, or stand on their own as a collection.  They are also available in pocket-watch- style pendants, inside miniature books, or in frames. The bears are less than half an inch high.

Ordering information
Ordering information
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33.3  Bear couple  $19.
38.4  Decorating the Christmas tree.  Includes three bears.  Lights do not work.  $40.
Toys in Miniature: Frances Armstrong
38.1. This framed vignette comes with fibre optic Christmas lights.  The house is just a facade.  $35.
37.2.  Bringing home the Christmas tree.  $12.

41.1. (Enlarged picture) Bears at school.(in a wooden apple about an inch  high).If the picture were clearer you could see that while two bears (in red and blue) are learning the basics, "A is for apple," the one facing us, in yellow, is already reading a book.  $40.

Stocks of bear vignettes are low right now.  I usually have quite a number available, so check again soon.

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