Toys in Miniature: Frances Armstrong
Furnishing a Dutch "baby house" in the style of the originals

This "baby house" made  by Bespaq has been popular amongst miniaturists, but not many have tried to furnish it in the style of its 1743 original, the cabinet house of Sara Ploos van Amstel.  I'm trying to do this now, room by room, and I'm nearly finished.  If  you are interested in buying or making these room settings, please e-mail me.
This show the Silver room in unfinished state.started in this picture.  It now has so much "silver" in it that it's quite tricky to photograph it.  Below are some of its furnishings: a silver chair and teaset and wine cooler.  "Silver" should be in quotation marks, because I also use aluminum, plastic and wood, plus silver paint and markers.

The room looks a bit crowded, and I will probably move some furniture somewhere else.

The ly ing-in room was a place for visitors to admire both the new baby and  the wealth of its parents.  I've left the baby's cradle out of the picture, and the visitor needs a longer skirt.
The kitchen will be similar to this "Nuremberg" kitchen.
There is a bedroom, with maids  (or maybe madams) making the bed.  They are using a stick  to  smoothe the bedspread.

This is the start of the reading room, with the wallpaper, panelling, bookshelf and day bed fairly accurate copies of the ones in the original room.  The room's finish is                   still rough.                           
The baby house above is made by Bespaq, and should be available through miniature stores.

The  cupboard on the left is made by Victor Gossman.  They are made only on request, and are the same size as the Bespaq house.  Mr Gossman has no e-mail address, but I will pass on to him any questions.
.This workshop will not be available at the 2007 Gathering in Kingston,  but I may be able to arrange a day-long workshop in the Guelph area some time, perhaps as soon as Fall 2006.  Contact me for details.

No kits are available at the moment (Sept. 2006).