Toys in Miniature: Frances Armstrong

I enjoy teaching workshops to clubs or other small groups, and although people are sometimes doubtful about coping with small scale stuff, they usually seem to enjoy themselves and they almost always impress themselves and me wih the results.

These workshops are most successful when the pace is leisurely, so I suggest an all-day session with a break for lunch.  In that time most people can get the project done, and the rest should have something to take home that looks presentable, even if a few details are still to be added.

All workshop kits come with a detailed booklet, illustrated in colour, and extra supplies are usually included so you can make more items, or replace failures.  I often include special tools, and suggestions for adapting projects to suit yourself.

I live near Toronto, Canada, but sometimes travel to England and South Africa.  Unfortunately US immigration laws will probably not allow me to teach in the United States.
May 15, 2010


These products are NO LONGER AVAILABLE.
From a set of three dolls, 1/144 scale, $10 the set.
Part of a Victorian living room, $25 for the whole room.
Victorian kitchen, $40
Small detail of model train layout.  The whole layout is 3 x 4 inches.
Nuremberg kitchen, $20
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