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83.1.  Doctor's office.  It's not easy to see the details, but they're there.   $50.
89.1.  Cape Dutch kitchen (18th century South Africa).  This is a specially detailed version, with African woods used as well as copper and brass.   Wider than usual. $120.
87.3A. Cape Dutch kitchen, simpler, $60.  Prices can be higher or lower depending  on detail--see above.  Mainly African woods.
86c.  Victorian country bedroom, cherry.  $40.
86r.  Victorian country bedroom, rosewood.  $40.
87.1.  Victorian country kitchen, $60.
  82.21. Schoolroom.  $25.
Available in different styles.
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86.1.  Bathroom, $40.

Toys in Miniature: Frances Armstrong
84.  Bookstore.  $30.
86.2.  Bathroom with shower, $50.
Living room,  nineteenth century style, $50 

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87.2.  Nuremberg kitchen, new more detailed version.  $50.  Also available as a kit.
The kitchens below are in the "Cape Dutch" style of eighteenth-century South Africa.  They are closely based on full-sized kitchens now preserved as museums;.  As far as I know, these were not made in toy form; I have simply imagined that an eccentric early settler decided to adapt the toy kitchens he knew in Europe, and make one more like those in his new country.   I'm now offering a variety of these Cape kitchens, with prices  from $40 up to $120.  
Most recent kitchen
For the last few months I've concentrated on developing rooms that will fit inside a miniature baby house.  (Dollhouses were usually called "baby houses" until the mid-1800s, and often did not resemble a house on the outside. They were simply cupboards that opened up to reveal rows of rooms.)  Bespaq, a maker of good quality miniatures, supplies baby houses in 1/12 scale, and I am developing roomboxes (in 1/144 scale) to fit into these  houses.  The roomboxes can also be displayed on their own.
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Bathroms not available.
I made some roomboxes so long ago that I don't have photographs, but I would be happy to make them again.  These are mostly stores: a country store, a hat shop, a VIctorian-era dress shop, a doll shop, a dollhouse shop, a  bakery.  Most of these were fairly simple without many accessories.  If I make them again I will probably put in more "stuff.".